The Poetry Corner

A Visit from Jesus

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through my house,
I longed for a stirring, if even a mouse
No reason to hang any stockings this year,
No hope that my children would soon be here.

Those children were snuggled now in beds of their own,
The time I had with them seems to have flown
My husband at work, and I feeling spent
“Have I lost what I thought Christmas has meant”

When inside my heart there arose such a clatter,
I heard His sweet voice asking “what is the matter?”
Away to the Bible, I knew I must go
And let the washing of the Word begin to flow.

The freshness was as white as the new fallen snow
Plus a new hope has started to grow
A verse to my wondering eyes did appear
The “Word became Flesh” and He dwelt with me, here!

His unfailing faithfulness and unfailing love
Was here in my room and not just up above
More rapid than eagles, His strength to me came
He is whistling, and shouting, and calling my name.

“My child, my beloved, my creation, my prize,
The true meaning of Christmas you must realize.
Down to earth I have come to give salvation and life
I came to be with you in pain and in strife.”

His eyes, filled with fire, told me He is the light,
No darkness I am facing can win in this fight
His cheeks held the tears He had cried oft with me
But His nailed-scarred hands held the hope in my plea

He came dressed as a child, wearing humanity like a glove
But His name was “Everlasting Father” because of His love
A bundle of grace, carried by stripes on His back
I know His manifest presence will keep me on track

He spoke one more word, because He knew what I thought
“I want you to remember all that my shed blood has bought,
Those children you love” He laughed with all joy
“Are among the reasons I came as a boy”

“I will be with them, even when you can’t be
To protect them is the reason I died on a tree.
So give them to me often in prayer,
Because I can watch over each and every care”

Then giving a smile, my praise to Him rose
Thanksgiving an offering, to Him it all goes
And I heard Him exclaim, “Keep me always in sight,
Just enjoy this Christmas with all of My might!”

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