In The Living Room with Jesus, The Poetry Corner

A Hand to Hold

This poem is dedicated to two men in my life who have held my hand well.

daddyMy father’s were the first hands that held mine and he used them to teach me what God’s love truly feels like. From years of milking cows and building our farm his hands were strong and muscular like none others I have seen; however, as those powerful hands enveloped mine I would feel completely safe. Even in times of discipline his hand was a reminder of the gentle mercy of my Savior. I am sure all of this was true because he chose to hold in those hands the Word of God every morning as he studied it. I loved every minute I was able to spend holding his hand even while I helped him as he struggled through the diseases of parkinsons and dementia that took his life. I miss him and I miss holding his incredible hands.

Doug and Colleen1Thankfully God put another man in my life who holds my hand well.

For almost 10 years now my husband’s man-sized hands have been a daily reminder of the love that God has for me. From the moment I saw those hands my heart skipped a beat and I knew they would only be used for my good and not harm. They work hard and carry the strength that I so often need. I will hold them as often and as long as I can.


hold handThis road is often rocky
With hills and valleys low
I’ll need someone beside me
For I won’t know where to go

The view behind me tainted
Ahead the great unknown
The sun beats on my shoulders
And I sense my body’s groan

Then my hand can feel a tightening
As His large hand gives a squeeze
The shadow of His presence
Gives off a gentle breeze


A hand that felt quite heavy
On one muggy summer day
But it valiantly saved me
When all I did was pray

I have chosen it to guide me
On this journey I call life
The truth is His hand’s needed
When my hour’s filled with strife

Now it guides me towards His Mountain
Though the path looks awfully steep
But I sense a hand that’s full of strength
So I can move my feet

imageThere is mercy in its firmness
When discipline my need
A hand that feels the pain
That is allowed for my wrong deed

His not- short hand will pull me close
To sense His presence near
When my world’s overwhelming
Its grip keeps me from fear

This mighty hand will tug on mine
When my eyes look away
To draw my focus back on Him
As I’m brought though the fray

In-Christ-you-are-snatch-proofWhen I have tried to pull away
Not liking my path’s turns
This loving hand did tow me back
Because for me He yearns

This beautiful hand is for me
No one can snatch me out
The scars I see they carry
Show the love I cannot doubt

One day I’ll reach the summit
And my mouth will shout “shalom”
His hand will gently lift my head
To tell me that I’m home


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