In The Living Room with Jesus

The Healing Journey

A healing journey is told of in Mark chapter 8.

22 They came to Bethsaida, and some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him.

healing prayerMy journey toward healing has started in a similar way. Just like the people mentioned in the Bible, my friends and family have brought me to Jesus often in prayer and are begging Him to touch me. Called the “Great Physician” they know that Jesus is the healer and have both heard testified of and have been witnesses to His healing power. Creator of our physical bodies we know all it takes is His word or touch and any part of us, body and soul, can be fully restored. The people in the book of Mark knew Jesus was the source of the healing for their blind friend and my people know He is who I need too.

23a  He took the blind man by the hand…

Trust-in-the-Lord-920x525The blind man needed Jesus’ hand because he was starting this healing journey still blind; I too am being led by God’s hand while still in the midst of this illness. Could it be that the healing doesn’t happen first because the journey must build trust? I can’t see the destination I need to get to any better than that blind man. I must also submit to the hand of the One who is leading me and, while walking side by side, experience His loving, good and trustworthy nature.

…and led him outside the village.

uncomfortableMy journey towards healing also involves being led somewhere new; in my case it’s outside a village of comfort. As God leads me by the hand I often wonder why this uncomfortable change was necessary. Did the blind man have this “why” question too?  Others whose stories included healing didn’t have to make changes first, why did he? Why do I? I guess I can only choose, like that man did, to willingly be uncomfortable. God has a plan and purpose for the changes that are occurring. He knows that the healing I need has to be in a much different place then where my heart and mind have been.

…When he had spit on the man’s eyes and put his hands on him, Jesus asked, “Do you see anything?”

Does healing sometimes feel like spit in the eye? For this blind man it did literally and I wonder if that humbled him. Was he confused as he was lead to an uncomfortable location and then, still blind, ends up with spit on his face. I can certainly relate as I have felt confused many times on this journey; after being led through blood 0a6b6202c940b26dbbe4dcc023ddf4a4tests, doctor’s exams, surgery, and several medications nothing had changed except being left in a much more humble state. Could that be the point of it all?  Maybe the “anything” I am supposed to see is much more humility in my life. I am not sure about the blind man but I needed to get rid of some pride. I have the feeling that some of my physical ailments were caused by the amount of the pride-filled effort I thought it took to get people to approve of me. God desires to change this in me and move from a prideful people pleaser to a humble God pleaser; a less stress-filled way to live. Part of my healing has started by not having to “save face” and allowing others to see how God sometimes has to spit on my life to make it better.

24 He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.”

walking-treesThis is the verse where I find myself now. Things are looking up and I have a bit of hope as I am starting to see my body respond to the latest treatment; however, like the newly sighted man who only saw blurry tree people, I don’t have much clarity in knowing what this will mean for my life. No longer sick enough to be considered disabled yet not well enough yet to handle much work I am confused about what I should do; the pressure to decide is quickly building. As my energy slowly increases will my tendency to overdo it return and I end up sick again? With frustration I wonder if I have really learned all that God has been trying to teach. This is not exactly how I expected healing to look; did the blind man feel the same at this point? Was he thinking that there must be something he was doing wrong? I can feel that way. Was he fearful that this still shadow filled life was all he was going to get? I have similar fears. Did it make him, like me, want to turn and run? Then I find in the very next verse an answer to both those questions and I find some more hope.

25 Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly.

dont give upWith a “once more” the hands of Jesus completed the process. Since the man with blurred vision chose to stick around he received the completion of the miracle. Because he had not given up during the process, he received all he had hoped for. This formally blind man was given more than just opened eyes, for not all open eyes can see. He was given more than sight, for sometimes sight stays blurry. He stayed long enough to end up with open eyes, sight and the ability to see everything clearly. He had given God the time necessary for the wholeness he longed for. If I want the whole package I also cannot give up. So now and every time the desire to run away in frustration comes, I will remember to turn to Mark 8 and read about the no longer blind, clear sighted man who teaches me that waiting for the full process of healing will be worth it.

26 Jesus sent him home, saying, “Don’t even go into the village.”

Even more, just as Jesus told him what to do next, I will know what to do when my healing is complete. I too must not go back to the dangerous village of comfort. I must turn to and get my direction from the One who has healed me. Even when the place He is sending me is uncomfortable it will feel like home with a new call to use all I have gained. A place where I can tell others of this One called Jesus who took me on a journey of healing so that I, like that blind man, ended up with a wonderful changed life.


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