The Poetry Corner

BE for Christmas

What will you BE for Christmas?

300px-nativity_tree2011A question you may not have heard.

While Halloween was all about BEING

To be asked this now seems absurd.



Christmas questions are more about doing,

Or going, or wanting, and such.

But I sense there is something much deeper

About BEING that’s not thought about much.



For the story we retell of a baby

Who, at that point, just peacefully slept,

Holds a narrative that is clearly about His BEING

The Promise that God had now kept.



So again, as I ask you the question

Of what you will BE this year?

I propose some possible choices.

To help you live without fear.



Will you BE a Mary for Christmas?

Who when faced with interruptions to plans.

Will say “I am a Lord’s servant”

And place all your hopes in His hands.



Will you BE a Joseph for Christmas?

Who will fear what others may say.

But then listening to the right Voice

That tells you to follow God’s way.



Will you BE an angel for Christmas?

Appearing to those in dark of night.

While sharing with them the message

That it’s Jesus that brings us light.


Will you BE a shepherd for Christmas?

Who though busy with the tasks at your feet.

Will make haste to the company of Jesus

Then tell others of the One they can meet.


star-of-bethlehem-pointed-the-location-of-baby-jesusWill you BE a star for Christmas?

Who shines brightly on the only place;

That not only reveals a true mystery

But the One who offers them grace.


adoration-of-the-magiWill you BE a Magi for Christmas?

Who will not seek what the world has to give.

But instead find a place of surrender

And One who gives reason to live.


christmasmangerclip2Finally, will you BE a manger for Christmas?

That will look humble in everyone’s eyes.

But will hold out for them the Savior,

The only Hope for their sin-filled lives.


So, what will you BE for Christmas?

I ask you the question once more.

For it is what we are BEING this Christmas

That will point to the One we adore.d104275-2

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