In The Living Room with Jesus

Just Like Mike, Simply Begin Again.

They all sound alike. When we hear them, the memories get thick like the soup that this colder weather makes us crave. Those yellow school buses have started their daily routes down our streets with engines roaring and brakes squeaking. Though I don't have kids getting off and on them anymore, they still drive many… Continue reading Just Like Mike, Simply Begin Again.

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts: The Leash of Faith

I am into week four of puppy ownership! It has been both fun and challenging, to say the least. One thing I can say for sure is that I am learning a lot, both about dogs and myself. I initially thought this puppy, who we named Crowder, would fit into our lifestyle. However, it has… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts: The Leash of Faith

In The Living Room with Jesus, The Entry of Prayer

An Answered Prayer: 50-Years in the Making.

I am about to be a pet-parent! The joy and anticipation are overwhelming me today. You see, I asked for this to come true approximately 50 years ago. Now, on Monday, July 1 my sweet puppy, Crowder (yes, named for our favorite singer David Crowder ) is coming to live with me. This hope, now… Continue reading An Answered Prayer: 50-Years in the Making.

Finding Home

Becoming Home: Deep Cleaning

Mold, it is the last thing you want to find on the floor of your home. Yet is precisely what I found one morning as I walked down to do another load of laundry. We have had a wet spring, and our basement has been known to have water issues, but this year the wet… Continue reading Becoming Home: Deep Cleaning

Finding Home

Becoming Home: Living Alert

What do Bison and baseball have in common? Well, other than starting with the letter B, they were the two things we observed this past Saturday. The decision to purchase a year-long state park pass was such a great idea. It has allowed us to drive through a fabulous state park whenever we head that… Continue reading Becoming Home: Living Alert

Finding Home

Becoming Home: Tearing Down Walls

A very wet Memorial Day meant a Fixer Upper marathon. Thanks to Hulu I have been able to start from the beginning of the show and am now on season 3. As I watched episode after episode, I began to notice a consistent theme in every one of Joanna Gaines plans for their houses; tearing… Continue reading Becoming Home: Tearing Down Walls

Finding Home

Getting Home: When Life Leaves Us Homeless.

Beautiful spring days have been a rarity lately. So when we awoke on Saturday with the hope of sunny skies and warm temps, my husband and I headed off to spend time enjoying it while we can. On the agenda for the day was the high school girls fast-pitch tournament where our hometown girls were… Continue reading Getting Home: When Life Leaves Us Homeless.

Finding Home

Finding A Place Like Home

State Parks, restaurants, hotel rooms, shopping, and car rides. What do all these things have in common? Vacation. My husband and I were able to get away for a few days to a beautiful place in Minnesota with antique shops and river views. Though it both snowed and rained during our time away, we had… Continue reading Finding A Place Like Home

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts- Being Followed

Well, I made my first goal in this blogging game; fifty followers. Thank you to those of you who have decided to click that follow button. Fifty may not seem much for those who have been doing this for a while, but it is exciting for this beginner. With that excitement, I have decided to… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts- Being Followed

Finding Home

The Bubble of Home

Today is the celebration of 13 years of marriage to my best friend. He is such a gift to me it is hard for me to fully explain but hopefully I can give you an image. All I need you to do is picture the place you feel the most at home. Home is a… Continue reading The Bubble of Home