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In Need of Review: A Friday Christian

My husband is a collector of pocket knives. This means that we have knife magazines on our coffee table and pocket knives sitting our our bedroom dresser. This often leads to discussions on what he likes and dislikes about those knives. I know more about pocket knives than I ever thought I would. Recently he… Continue reading In Need of Review: A Friday Christian

In The Living Room with Jesus, Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thought- A Church on Fire…

Onlookers in prayer and tears I, along with so many others have been deeply stirred by the images coming from the Notre Dame fire. I watched as the church burned and it was like the heart of France was on fire. As thousands of devoted French people expressed deep sorrow at what they saw, I… Continue reading Thursday Thought- A Church on Fire…

In The Living Room with Jesus

The Cure for the Resurrection Day Hangover.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Day; mine was amazing as I was able to celebrate with my first grandchild. Plus, I just love celebrating the resurrection of my Lord and Savior and remembering the promises it contains for all who follow Him. Because of that resurrection I have the promise that I… Continue reading The Cure for the Resurrection Day Hangover.

In The Living Room with Jesus

A Good Day for Dead People

I woke up this morning to my normal routine. I greeted my Google Device with a hearty good morning and was given the stats of the day which I have programed to lead into worship music. As my coffee brewed I grabbed a protein bar, sweetened my coffee with lots of creamer and sat in… Continue reading A Good Day for Dead People

In The Living Room with Jesus

Dining with Betrayal

As the Church Office Administrator I have many unique parts of my job. There of course is the typical responsibilities of any office administrator; from making coffee to paperwork to communication. However, since this job is done at a church there are the not so typical, but enjoyable, activities like praying for those who come… Continue reading Dining with Betrayal

In The Living Room with Jesus

A Picture Revealed

I recently celebrated my 56th birthday. I must be honest that it put a spotlight on the fact that life is passing much too quickly. I always thought I would have accomplished more in 56 years. I did, however, accomplished one of my childhood dreams. I am a parent. Having great parents myself and living… Continue reading A Picture Revealed

In The Living Room with Jesus

Joyfully Foolish

ColleenPearl's Place

Well, we all made it through another April Fool’s Day.

aprilI personally think it is one of the strangest holidays ever invented. A day to make a fool of someone or to be made a fool of; I am not sure if we should celebrate either of those things. I personally hate feeling foolish. However, for the most part I have learned to understand that it is meant to bring us a measure of  laughter in a world that can be much too serious.

I have experienced and pulled off some really hilarious pranks in my day but the best way I see this day celebrated is in my brother’s family.

488252_10200892166204728_1448609820_nEach year on April 1st they all get together for a family meal, which in itself is not rare; however, it is in the way they eat this meal that makes it unique. Each member must wear a…

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