In The Living Room with Jesus, The Entry of Prayer

An Answered Prayer: 50-Years in the Making.

I am about to be a pet-parent! The joy and anticipation are overwhelming me today. You see, I asked for this to come true approximately 50 years ago. Now, on Monday, July 1 my sweet puppy, Crowder (yes, named for our favorite singer David Crowder ) is coming to live with me. This hope, now… Continue reading An Answered Prayer: 50-Years in the Making.

The Entry of Prayer

Pinprick Prayers

Prayer is one of my favorite things! That our mighty God allows us such a privilege has always been amazing to me and I take every opportunity I can to use it. I have had incredible times with my Jesus in prayer. I have felt His presence so near and heard the whispers of His… Continue reading Pinprick Prayers