In The Living Room with Jesus

Healing Waters: A Testimony

Some of my favorite stories in the Bible are the ones where people are healed. Not only is it incredible to read of God’s healing power but also the various ways in which he chooses to accomplish it. From a simple word spoken to making a mud pack, Jesus demonstrated that there is not just… Continue reading Healing Waters: A Testimony

In The Living Room with Jesus

A View from the Bench

Put me in coach! The memory of hearing those words echoed in my head as I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. A memory prompted by the television camera scanning the sidelines of the Denver Broncos; so many football players standing there on the team but not playing the game. As a past volleyball coach… Continue reading A View from the Bench

In The Living Room with Jesus, The Poetry Corner

It’s About Time!

What flies by so fast it cannot be caught More precious than gold yet cannot be bought To be on it great, to be out of it sad When we need it there’s never enough to be had We measure it, mark it, and to it we bide I wish it’s affect on my face… Continue reading It’s About Time!

In The Living Room with Jesus

Fill’er Up

I waited too long. I had an appointment to get to and thought I had given myself enough time until I looked at the gas gauge in the car. It was too close to empty to get me where I was going so the gas station was a must stop and that would throw all… Continue reading Fill’er Up

In The Living Room with Jesus

The Loudest Whisper

I have spent a great deal of time in my life around children. As first a babysitter, then a teacher, mom and children’s ministry director, I have been in rooms full of those precious gifts. One thing that is guaranteed in that environment is noise, consistent noise. One child may be able to be quiet… Continue reading The Loudest Whisper

In The Living Room with Jesus

A Relatable Life

Did you read this "Relatable Post" and say “I can totally relate.” I did. If you’re like me you enjoy when someone "can relate" to something you are experiencing even if it is just implied. Yesterday, I was at my physical therapy appointment and my therapist was telling me that over Christmas it was her… Continue reading A Relatable Life

In The Living Room with Jesus

Bowing at Bethlehem

This past year has certainly been a time where life has forced me to my knees often. I have developed an unexpected illness which made it necessary to leave my job and am now living with chronic pain. Thankfully, because of the wonderful heritage of strong faith in the Lord I received from my parents… Continue reading Bowing at Bethlehem

In The Living Room with Jesus

A ‘Chronic’le of Life

Recently I realized that all my new diagnosis’s from doctors include the same word, “chronic”; chronic migraine, chronic fatigue, chronic myofascial pain syndrome. While I have had migraines and fatigue and muscle pain on and off my whole life now for some reason, like advancing to the next level in a video game, they have… Continue reading A ‘Chronic’le of Life