Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts: The Leash of Faith

I am into week four of puppy ownership! It has been both fun and challenging, to say the least. One thing I can say for sure is that I am learning a lot, both about dogs and myself. I initially thought this puppy, who we named Crowder, would fit into our lifestyle. However, it has… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts: The Leash of Faith

The Poetry Corner

BE for Christmas

What will you BE for Christmas? A question you may not have heard. While Halloween was all about BEING To be asked this now seems absurd.   Christmas questions are more about doing, Or going, or wanting, and such. But I sense there is something much deeper About BEING that's not thought about much.  … Continue reading BE for Christmas

In The Living Room with Jesus

It’s Dying Off

It will get worse before it gets better. I have heard that phrase now from two of my doctors. Boy, have they been right about the "get worse" part as I find myself knee deep in the "worse" and struggling to function; I really hope they are right about the “it gets better” part too.… Continue reading It’s Dying Off