Finding Home

Getting Home: When Life Leaves Us Homeless.

Beautiful spring days have been a rarity lately. So when we awoke on Saturday with the hope of sunny skies and warm temps, my husband and I headed off to spend time enjoying it while we can. On the agenda for the day was the high school girls fast-pitch tournament where our hometown girls were… Continue reading Getting Home: When Life Leaves Us Homeless.

In The Living Room with Jesus

Hands in the Soil

It is one of those perfect days here in Minnesota where the spring sun is shining and earth is calling for some seeds. My brother, who took over our family farm is hearing the loud call to get his planter out of the shed but sadly, with all the rain we are having, he has… Continue reading Hands in the Soil

In The Living Room with Jesus

Dining with Betrayal

As the Church Office Administrator I have many unique parts of my job. There of course is the typical responsibilities of any office administrator; from making coffee to paperwork to communication. However, since this job is done at a church there are the not so typical, but enjoyable, activities like praying for those who come… Continue reading Dining with Betrayal

Prayer Challenge

Prayer Challenge- Day 19

Day 19 Name of God to proclaim and focus your worship to: Elohay Selichot; (ĕ·lō·hāy sel-ee-khaw') (the God Who Is Ready to Forgive) Nehemiah 9:17 says “…But You are God, ready to pardon, gracious and merciful, slow to anger, abundant in kindness…” Elohay is the personal pronoun of God (Elohim) meaning “My God” and Selichot… Continue reading Prayer Challenge- Day 19

A Place for Dad

My Father’s Heart: The Heart of a Farmer

My father had the heart of a farmer. Thankfully, God made him with a strong work ethic because, believe me, farming takes a lot of work. From early morning to late nights there was always something that needed to be done to maintain the farm, especially a farm with animals. His day would start with… Continue reading My Father’s Heart: The Heart of a Farmer

In The Living Room with Jesus

Motivations: Love or Fear

Making people happy motivates me; I think it may be a natural part of my personality and birth order to not want to let anyone down. I feel quite a bit of responsibility to make sure my spouse, children, family and friends are happy, especially with me. I get frustrated when I can't change a… Continue reading Motivations: Love or Fear