In The Living Room with Jesus

Just Like Mike, Simply Begin Again.

They all sound alike. When we hear them, the memories get thick like the soup that this colder weather makes us crave. Those yellow school buses have started their daily routes down our streets with engines roaring and brakes squeaking. Though I don't have kids getting off and on them anymore, they still drive many… Continue reading Just Like Mike, Simply Begin Again.

In The Living Room with Jesus

Hands in the Soil

It is one of those perfect days here in Minnesota where the spring sun is shining and earth is calling for some seeds. My brother, who took over our family farm is hearing the loud call to get his planter out of the shed but sadly, with all the rain we are having, he has… Continue reading Hands in the Soil

A Place for Dad

My Father’s Heart: Always Seasoning

I started a new job last week. A local snack food company was needing help and called me to come work on the production line for as long as I could. I agreed though I was not sure how my "haven't worked in a year" body would handle the 9-10 hours on my feet per… Continue reading My Father’s Heart: Always Seasoning