In The Living Room with Jesus

The Healing Journey

A healing journey is told of in Mark chapter 8. 22 They came to Bethsaida, and some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him. My journey toward healing has started in a similar way. Just like the people mentioned in the Bible, my friends and family have brought me to Jesus… Continue reading The Healing Journey

In The Living Room with Jesus, The Poetry Corner

A Hand to Hold

This poem is dedicated to two men in my life who have held my hand well. My father's were the first hands that held mine and he used them to teach me what God's love truly feels like. From years of milking cows and building our farm his hands were strong and muscular like none… Continue reading A Hand to Hold

In The Living Room with Jesus

Made to Wait

Anticipation, it’s making me wait. I can still visualize the commercial; two boys ready to eat their juicy hamburgers and all that’s stopping them is the ketchup. The thickness of the bright red sauce makes it move slowly down the neck of the bottle as they anticipate their first bite. Hunger, evident in their eyes,… Continue reading Made to Wait

In The Living Room with Jesus

Fill’er Up

I waited too long. I had an appointment to get to and thought I had given myself enough time until I looked at the gas gauge in the car. It was too close to empty to get me where I was going so the gas station was a must stop and that would throw all… Continue reading Fill’er Up

In The Living Room with Jesus

The Loudest Whisper

I have spent a great deal of time in my life around children. As first a babysitter, then a teacher, mom and children’s ministry director, I have been in rooms full of those precious gifts. One thing that is guaranteed in that environment is noise, consistent noise. One child may be able to be quiet… Continue reading The Loudest Whisper

In The Living Room with Jesus

A Hallmark Moment

I am a girl who loves me a good Hallmark Channel movie. You know the kind, the predictable but romantic, full of hope, happily ever after ones. Yes, I know that the plot of each of the movies is pretty much the same. The girl thinks she has the “perfect” guy, but right before the… Continue reading A Hallmark Moment

In The Living Room with Jesus

A Relatable Life

Did you read this "Relatable Post" and say “I can totally relate.” I did. If you’re like me you enjoy when someone "can relate" to something you are experiencing even if it is just implied. Yesterday, I was at my physical therapy appointment and my therapist was telling me that over Christmas it was her… Continue reading A Relatable Life