Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts- Being Followed

Well, I made my first goal in this blogging game; fifty followers. Thank you to those of you who have decided to click that follow button. Fifty may not seem much for those who have been doing this for a while, but it is exciting for this beginner. With that excitement, I have decided to… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts- Being Followed

Becoming Home

The Bubble of Home

Today is the celebration of 13 years of marriage to my best friend. He is such a gift to me it is hard for me to fully explain but hopefully I can give you an image. All I need you to do is picture the place you feel the most at home. Home is a… Continue reading The Bubble of Home

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts-A Mama Letting Go.

With Mother's Day coming this weekend I have been thinking about my journey as a Mama. I love being a Mom! It is all I wanted to be from my earliest memories. I think because my parents were foster parents and therefore I had so many babies around to help take care of I found… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts-A Mama Letting Go.

The Entry of Prayer

Pinprick Prayers

Prayer is one of my favorite things! That our mighty God allows us such a privilege has always been amazing to me and I take every opportunity I can to use it. I have had incredible times with my Jesus in prayer. I have felt His presence so near and heard the whispers of His… Continue reading Pinprick Prayers

In The Living Room with Jesus

Hands in the Soil

It is one of those perfect days here in Minnesota where the spring sun is shining and earth is calling for some seeds. My brother, who took over our family farm is hearing the loud call to get his planter out of the shed but sadly, with all the rain we are having, he has… Continue reading Hands in the Soil

In The Living Room with Jesus, Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts- The Robocall to Worship

Oh how I hate them. The phone rings so I go to answer the call. I don't recognize the number but it has a local number so I push the red button and say Hello. Then there is the pause, and I realize I've done it again. Given in to another Robocall. The Robocall is… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts- The Robocall to Worship

In The Living Room with Jesus

In Need of Review: A Friday Christian

My husband is a collector of pocket knives. This means that we have knife magazines on our coffee table and pocket knives sitting our our bedroom dresser. This often leads to discussions on what he likes and dislikes about those knives. I know more about pocket knives than I ever thought I would. Recently he… Continue reading In Need of Review: A Friday Christian