A Place for Dad

My Father’s Heart: The Heart of a Farmer

My father had the heart of a farmer. Thankfully, God made him with a strong work ethic because, believe me, farming takes a lot of work. From early morning to late nights there was always something that needed to be done to maintain the farm, especially a farm with animals. His day would start with… Continue reading My Father’s Heart: The Heart of a Farmer

In The Living Room with Jesus

Enough is Enough: My Story Part 2

Enough is enough! The weeds are back and I really need to do something about them this year. Too sick to do much about them last year I should not be surprised at their rapid advance. However, the ones that frustrate me the most are the ones I tried to deal with only to see… Continue reading Enough is Enough: My Story Part 2

The Poetry Corner

The Voice to Choose

There are voices that are speaking Loudly pointing out each flaw They long to strike their target With the longest, sharpest claw Each word carries explosives To destroy what has been built They make us feel mistaken So our hope begins to wilt Words used that pull opinions By pointing out each wrong The condemnation… Continue reading The Voice to Choose