A Place for Dad

My Father’s Heart

The memories are making my heart ache again. Facebook’s “See Your Memories” feature has been a daily reminder lately of an especially hard time in the life of our family. You see, it was two years ago that my father had to be placed in a nursing home; his final residence on this earth. Not… Continue reading My Father’s Heart

In The Living Room with Jesus

Joyfully Foolish

Well, we all made it through another April Fool’s Day. I personally think it is one of the strangest holidays ever invented. A day to make a fool of someone or to be made a fool of; I am not sure if we should celebrate either of those things. I personally hate feeling foolish. However,… Continue reading Joyfully Foolish

The Poetry Corner

The Voice to Choose

There are voices that are speaking Loudly pointing out each flaw They long to strike their target With the longest, sharpest claw Each word carries explosives To destroy what has been built They make us feel mistaken So our hope begins to wilt Words used that pull opinions By pointing out each wrong The condemnation… Continue reading The Voice to Choose

In The Living Room with Jesus

Motivations: Love or Fear

Making people happy motivates me; I think it may be a natural part of my personality and birth order to not want to let anyone down. I feel quite a bit of responsibility to make sure my spouse, children, family and friends are happy, especially with me. I get frustrated when I can't change a… Continue reading Motivations: Love or Fear

In The Living Room with Jesus

A Distinct Aroma; Like It or Not

My sense of smell has been quite sensitive lately. Now that I am living with a chronic illness I need to be very careful about the odors I am around; the wrong scent can do anything from set off a migraine or increase my fibromyalgia pain. I find that my nose reacts especially negatively to… Continue reading A Distinct Aroma; Like It or Not