In The Living Room with Jesus

An Unusual Choice

“The Lord works in mysterious ways”. I woke up again with the words “help me” as my first prayer of the day. Another morning where my weary body was racked with pain and the day ahead seemed to hold a bit more than I was ready for. How was I going to pull myself out… Continue reading An Unusual Choice

In The Living Room with Jesus

A Distinct Aroma; Like It or Not

My sense of smell has been quite sensitive lately. Now that I am living with a chronic illness I need to be very careful about the odors I am around; the wrong scent can do anything from set off a migraine or increase my fibromyalgia pain. I find that my nose reacts especially negatively to… Continue reading A Distinct Aroma; Like It or Not

In The Living Room with Jesus

It’s Dying Off

It will get worse before it gets better. I have heard that phrase now from two of my doctors. Boy, have they been right about the "get worse" part as I find myself knee deep in the "worse" and struggling to function; I really hope they are right about the “it gets better” part too.… Continue reading It’s Dying Off

In The Living Room with Jesus

A Guide to a Layered Life

Baby it cold out there! Our Ground Hogs Day blizzard is over and now I have to leave the house; my cozy, comfortable, warm house. This will require getting dressed in something more than the leggings and sweatshirts that have become a natural part of my home-bound life. Dressing to impress is not the issue… Continue reading A Guide to a Layered Life

In The Living Room with Jesus, The Poetry Corner

It’s About Time!

What flies by so fast it cannot be caught More precious than gold yet cannot be bought To be on it great, to be out of it sad When we need it there’s never enough to be had We measure it, mark it, and to it we bide I wish it’s affect on my face… Continue reading It’s About Time!

In The Living Room with Jesus

Loving the Mess

Today is the day after Easter. My kids have all gone home. The house is clean but empty. This brings tears to my eyes. No matter how much clutter and mess having my children home brings I will still hold that my house needs my children. As I was reflecting on this I opened the… Continue reading Loving the Mess