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My Father’s Heart: Always Seasoning

I started a new job last week. A local snack food company was needing help and called me to come work on the production line for as long as I could. I agreed though I was not sure how my "haven't worked in a year" body would handle the 9-10 hours on my feet per… Continue reading My Father’s Heart: Always Seasoning

In The Living Room with Jesus

Hack Proof

My email account was hacked this past weekend. This is now on the list of my most frustrating experiences to date. It has reinforced how important email has become to the flow of communication in my life, whether for good or bad. Thankfully, many great friends let me know about the scam right away (although… Continue reading Hack Proof

In The Living Room with Jesus

An Unusual Choice

“The Lord works in mysterious ways”. I woke up again with the words “help me” as my first prayer of the day. Another morning where my weary body was racked with pain and the day ahead seemed to hold a bit more than I was ready for. How was I going to pull myself out… Continue reading An Unusual Choice

In The Living Room with Jesus

A View from the Bench

Put me in coach! The memory of hearing those words echoed in my head as I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. A memory prompted by the television camera scanning the sidelines of the Denver Broncos; so many football players standing there on the team but not playing the game. As a past volleyball coach… Continue reading A View from the Bench

In The Living Room with Jesus

A Guide to a Layered Life

Baby it cold out there! Our Ground Hogs Day blizzard is over and now I have to leave the house; my cozy, comfortable, warm house. This will require getting dressed in something more than the leggings and sweatshirts that have become a natural part of my home-bound life. Dressing to impress is not the issue… Continue reading A Guide to a Layered Life

In The Living Room with Jesus

Life Interrupted: New Perspective

Millions of people had their lives interrupted this past weekend. The blizzard of 2016 is officially in the books and it did a number on the East Coast of the United States; a high number. With reports of up to 42 inches of snow it is one of the largest storms in recorded history and… Continue reading Life Interrupted: New Perspective