The Poetry Corner

The Poem of Us

‘Twas the start of 2019, and all through our house
Not an animal was stirring, not even a mouse;
Our house was all quiet and cleaned daily with care,
No need for a Swiffer to deal with dog hair;

Every morning Colleen could stay snuggled in bed,
No one waking her early with a need to be fed;
With work in the Alliance Church’s office on tap,
She knew when she got home she could even take a nap.

Then May brought a Facebook post that would change that whole scene,
Nine puppies were born, what could that mean?
Away to Grand Rapids we flew in a flash,
Number 8 was the one with the handsome blue sash.

With a quiet demeanor, but a bark a bit louder,
We knew in a moment he should be named “Crowder”
David Crowder, the musician, inspired the name
But God would use it to bring Himself fame.

Now “Down, CROWDER! NO, CROWDER! and, don’t pee CROWDER” is heard!
From the front of our porch! to the edge of the street!
He zooms with such quickness you can’t see his feet!”

While Doug is at Toro, Colleen walks this sweet hound,
When Colleen’s pain is too great, Doug takes him around.
A bundle of dog toys are under our feet,
But Crowder will retrieve them so he gets a treat.

Our sweet granddaughter Harper will point at the phone,
“More puppy” she says so she can see how he’s grown.
She can’t wait to see him when with her parents she comes,
We are excited to see what this relationship becomes.

God has taught us so much from this furry little guy.
Loyalty and love that money can’t buy.
So now as we celebrate Jesus’ birth once more,
We are thankful for one more reason to praise and adore.

Just as Crowder walks with us day in and day out, We know Jesus walks with us without any doubt. Our encouragement to you as you walk into the new year, Do what Crowder has taught us and keep Jesus

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