Prophetic Dream Series

Prophetic Dream Series: Following the Difficult Path: Part 1

I have felt for quite a while that it is time to take a difficult path, and honestly, it scares me to death. As a people pleaser who prefers to keep the peace, I have been giving in to my fear so much that I have resisted more than I have given in to God’s call to stand up for what is right. That is changing. I will strive to be the vessel of communication despite my fears. It is also becoming clearer and more apparent that some of the messages he wants me to communicate are going to be hard to hear and may bring challenge and conviction, both of which none of us like. However, I feel the spirit of Elijah, a prophetic voice, crying in the wilderness, is pouring out in these days we walk in, to make the path we should take evident to us. I have decided to be more diligent in sharing the dreams and words I perceive as clearly as possible.

What I am going to be writing in this series will need your discernment as you let the Holy Spirit guide you to hear him, not me. I have chosen to put all the images I see through the filter of God’s Word before I share them, but I will never equate my message at the same level as God’s written Word. I write in story form, much like I see them in my dreams.

If you question that God still speaks in dreams today, these posts will make you wrestle with what you believe. If you think that God still speaks in dreams, they will also make you wrestle with what you believe. I know that what I write has the potential to make you as uncomfortable as they made me when I awoke from the experience. Yet, your comfort and mine are not what is most important here. Hearing and seeing what God is still up to is, and I have found that he takes me out of my comfort zone more often than not. So here I go. The dream or what I call the parables in the night went as follows.

The place she was required to go was on the 10th floor, and she saw the elevator that she believed would get her there. Thankfully, the way to get there seemed easy and smooth. Now you must understand that she was in a raft, and the path was a flowing river. She did not need to paddle, no need to battle against the current. All she had to concern herself with was the destination and how it would get her all she desired.

The problem became evident when she arrived at the elevator door and discovered that it would only take her to the 4th floor, which was short of where she needed to be. Her eyes darted as she looked for an elevator that would take her to her perfect destination of the 10th floor. When she saw it, she realized the path was going to require something she was not expecting and didn’t know if she had what it would take to get there. The way consisted of very little water and a lot of mud. It was going to take some effort, and that would make it very uncomfortable.

Thankfully, the importance of her destination spurred her to try. She grabbed the oars to push the raft through the mud. At one point, she had to jump out and push the raft through a specifically thick muddy patch. But as she saw the elevator getting closer, she was energized to keep trying. As long as she looked at where she was going, she thought she would be okay. The believed she could push through, but the words she heard next told her that there was another goal she had forgotten in her quest. The voice spoke directly at her raft and said, “rescue the perishing, rescue the perishing” louder and louder with every stroke of the paddle in her hand.

The realization was harder than the mud before her. She had forgotten that she was supposed to care more about those around her than her destination. As she tore her eyes away from the destination, she saw them; Person after person, with no raft and no tools to get them out of the muddy path. It didn’t seem to matter who they were but more about what she was doing about their circumstances. They were one after another drowning in the very path meant to get them to freedom. At that moment, she realized that she had become more concerned about her hope and less focused on those who had no hope.

I woke with a heavy heart. Was that dream saying what I thought it was? Was God revealing to me a message about how his followers are supposed to respond going forward? The more I prayed and listened during that morning and the days after, the more I have seen what a clearer picture of what God is communicating, but I will share those thoughts in the next blog post.

In the meantime, please put yourself in the person in my dream’s place. Let God reveal what he may want you to understand about the path he is calling you on or where the current way you are on is taking you. What might he be saying about what we are supposed to do on our path and if we are willing to change to a new way even if it is tough? I ask that you open your mind and heart to let God open your eyes and ears to hear the hard things he may say. If that makes us uncomfortable as walking in the mud, you may be headed in the right direction.

6 thoughts on “Prophetic Dream Series: Following the Difficult Path: Part 1”

  1. I liked it, convicted years, cuz there are many days where my focus is definitely heaven & not those who won’t be going there, unless I do my part! I love how u wrote & how He speaks to & thru you🥰

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