The Poetry Corner

BE for Christmas

What will you BE for Christmas? A question you may not have heard. While Halloween was all about BEING To be asked this now seems absurd.   Christmas questions are more about doing, Or going, or wanting, and such. But I sense there is something much deeper About BEING that's not thought about much.  … Continue reading BE for Christmas

In The Living Room with Jesus

On Purpose: My Story Part 1

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose” I recently came across this quote by Dolly Parton and instantly loved it. I feel like it sums up my life story or at least how it is turning out to be. Sadly, in the beginning of my life my quote would have been better… Continue reading On Purpose: My Story Part 1

In The Living Room with Jesus

Dare to be Daring

Sometimes it is hard to resist a dare. A dare asks for courage in a way that challenges us to follow through. If the first dare is not enough we may even get a double dare or the powerful double dog dare; almost impossible to resist.  I have been dared to do many things in… Continue reading Dare to be Daring